Online Scam Investigations


American Jailed in Singapore for Orchestrating $18 Million Forex Fraud

SINGAPORE: Michael Philip Atkins, a 51-year-old American, has been sentenced to three years and three months in prison for leading…

ASIC Cancels JB Markets’ Financial Licence

ASIC cancels JB Markets’ AFS licence for failing financial and resource requirements, effective April 12, 2024.

New Zealand Financial Regulator Clamps Down on Equitise and AxonExchange Amid Fraud Concerns

The FMA of New Zealand revoked Equitise’s license for non-compliance and warned against AxonExchange, a suspected crypto scam, to protect…

Barclays Alerts Customers to Rising Investment Scams with Average Losses Hitting £14,000

Barclays Bank has alerted its customers about the rise in investment scams, noting that victims last year lost an average…

FSMA Issues Warning on New Fraudulent Trading Platforms

The FSMA warns of fraudulent trading platforms in Belgium using fake endorsements and promises of quick wealth.
  • Wasixcap Review: Why This Platform is a Scam Broker?

    In our review, we highlight the warning signs at Wasixcap, a broker that promises the moon but delivers only dust. Investing with Wasixcap feels more like throwing your money into a black hole.

  • AlfaMarkets Review: Investigating the Warning Signs!
    Read our honest review of AlfaMarkets. We explore serious issues like customer complaints and lack of proper licensing, showing why this platform could be risky.
  • OrbisFX Review: What Every Investor Needs to Know!
    OrbisFX shows many warning signs, as highlighted by their removal of regulatory mentions from their website and the negative reviews they have received, underscoring the risks of dealing with them.
  • Blantomic Review: The Shady Practices of a Fraudulent Broker
    We came across multiple red flags while reviewing Blantomic: a fake address, restricted access to referred members, recent complaints about withdrawals… In other words, the recipe for an impending disaster.
  • FlareGain Review: Analyzing the Risks and Scam Warnings

    Flaregain has been flagged by financial regulators and linked to a fake regulator, indicating it’s likely a scam. Numerous complaints about withdrawal issues and opaque ownership further suggest it’s a risky investment platform.

  • The Quantum Fantasy of An In-Depth Review is a ponzi scheme marketing itself as a leader in AI-Trading, and promising up to 900% returns.
  • Quantum Club AI Review: An MLM Scam Exposed!

    Quantum Club has significant red flags: a complex compensation plan, lack of transparency, and non-compliance with SEC and FTC regulations. These issues suggest potential securities and commodities fraud and a pyramid scheme.

  • GSPartners/GSPro Review: The Rise and Fall of a Crypto Ponzi Scheme
    As of April 2024, GSPartners has closed its website and now operates under its new brand, GSPro, providing shady cryptocurrency and financial services to registered users while presenting itself as an ‘educational platform’.
  • CashFX Group Review: Detailed Investigation
    CashFX Group Ponzi scheme faced global warnings and unresolved withdrawal issues. In 2023, UK police closed their investigation due to insufficient evidence, leaving many investors without redress. This highlights the challenges in tackling international financial scams.
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